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How Adorable: An Italian Restaurant In Brooklyn Creates A Beyonce' Themed Valentine's Day Menu

How Adorable: An Italian Restaurant In Brooklyn Creates A Beyonce’ Themed Valentine’s Day Menu

02/05/2014  |  No Comments


    Everyone is in LOVE with the Carters!! As we get closer to Valentine's day, dinner reservations are coming in and if I were in BK I would head to this Italian restaurant. Especially since 1) Jay-z is my Elvis!! and 2) I adore Italian food, so it would make perfect sense!
    Brucie, an Italian restaurant located in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, is offering the most romantic Valentine’s Day dinner a hip urban couple could ask for: an entire menu dedicated to Beyoncé.
    The menu features dishes with names like Oysters Rocafella, Jay-Ziti, I Am Pasta Fierce, and Breastiny’s Child. lol..awww too cute!! See the menu below!!

WOULD YOU BUY: Beyoncé’s Black And Pink ‘Surfboard’ Sweatshirt

WOULD YOU BUY: Beyoncé’s Black And Pink ‘Surfboard’ Sweatshirt

01/09/2014  |  No Comments


    The first song I listened to off of Beyonce's self title album BEYONCE' was "Drunk In Love", featuring my elvis Jay-Z. When I first heard it I was opeennnnn!! The beat, her flow and the word SURFBOARD was stuck in my head!! Now Bey and her team are running with the word and threw it on a sweatshirt!! Would you rock it? The price is $65......*side eye* and you can purchase other sweatshirts with words like Flawless, Breakfast and Angel.CLICK here to cop!
    Beyonce' was spotted in Miami rocking her own product, following behind Jay-Z and Blue Ivy. Blue with this hand like BACK OFF..has me dying. lol..sassy little baby!!

LISTEN: Raekwon -- ‘Marble Cake (Freestyle)’

LISTEN: Raekwon — ‘Marble Cake (Freestyle)’

09/28/2013  |  No Comments


    Drake gave us "Pound Cake" ft Jay-z on his latest album Nothing Was The Same. After dropping Wu Tang Forever, showing love to the Da Gods. Raekwon jumps on the beat and releases "Marble Cake". I freaking love Rae voice!! He can spit game in my ear all day long!! sheesh!! #heyboo Don't mind me...check the track below.

YESSSSS: Jay-Z Announces Magna Carta Holy Grail North American Tour

YESSSSS: Jay-Z Announces Magna Carta Holy Grail North American Tour

09/02/2013  |  No Comments


    These Carters are ALWAYS working!! It's inspiring to me, because all the money they have and the major success they still want MORE!! Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail tour just added a North American leg. Hov and concert giant Live Nation announced the extension last night (September 1) during Budweiser’s Made In America Festival.
    Hova just ended his sold out Legends of The Summer tour with Justin Timberlake and has dropped visuals for tracks, “Picasso Baby” and “Holy Grail” as well as masterminding the Made In America Festival. Back in July he announced a 15-stop European tour which will take place during October. The dates for the North American leg have not been announced yet, but should be coming soon. Stay tuned to for deets!! P.s I'M THERE!!!!!!!

WATCH Jay-Z Ft. Justin Timberlake ” Holy Grail “

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    The visual for the first single off of Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail was released today. The video was posted via Facebook and features Justin Timberlake. Hov is rocking all black everything with a meannnn gold chain in this visual. I love the track but there are various moments where Jay's voice is intentionally slowed down-and me NO likey! Check the video out above.

CLAP FOR HIM: Jay-Z “Holy Grail” Goes Platinum

CLAP FOR HIM: Jay-Z “Holy Grail” Goes Platinum

08/22/2013  |  No Comments


    Following Platinum certification for his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Hov can add another accomplishment to his list of many as his hit single ‘Holy Grail’ featuring Justin Timberlake passes the 1 million mark in sales this week. Congrats Jay-Z! Keep being GREAT!!

GET READY: Jay-Z 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Tracklist Revealed

GET READY: Jay-Z ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Tracklist Revealed

06/22/2013  |  No Comments


    Mannnnn I need my binder!!
    Today June 22nd, in Brooklyn, NY Jay-z fans were handed binders containing the tracklist to Magna Carta Holy Grail. MCHG will be available on July 4 via the Magna Carta app for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Galaxy note users. The rest of the world will be able to purchase in stores and online starting July 7th. Im soooo ready!
    1. Picasso Baby
    2. Heaven
    3. Versus
    4. Tom Ford
    5. Beach Is Better
    6. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
    7. Oceans
    8. F.U.T.W.
    9. Part II (On The Run)
    10. BBC
    11. La Familia
    12. Jay-Z Blue
    13. Nickles & Dimes

Foxy Brown Denies Rumors About Jay-Z Giving Her An STD, Molestation & Being A 'Tranny Chaser'

Foxy Brown Denies Rumors About Jay-Z Giving Her An STD, Molestation & Being A ‘Tranny Chaser’

05/23/2013  |  No Comments


    I'm sure you all heard about the foolish rumors that hit the net a couple of weeks ago, stating foxy brown spilled the tea on Jay and a source ran with the story to the blogs!! See I didn't post that mess, bcos I can't do ratchet gossip ( no shade to anyone that does) without zero proof. So now FB speaks on the rumors. See below.
    Foxy Brown is FURIOUS over reports she trashed Jay-Z ... telling TMZ she NEVER referred to Hova as a gonorrhea-infected "tranny chaser" ... and now she's threatening to sue.
    Brown is referencing reports which say Foxy recently went to a baby shower and started dishing about Jay-Z's sex life to one of the guests -- saying he secretly engages in gay sex ... and that she lost her virginity to him when she was 15 and he was 27.
    There's more ... including allegations of a robbery, sex tape and STDs.
    But Foxy says the report is complete BS, telling TMZ ... "The atrociousness of this story sickened me to my stomach. Any and everyone involved will be contacted by my attorney."
    Foxy says, "In all my years in the music industry, these are the most disgusting and disrespectful allegations I've ever experienced. This fictitious story ... with NO audio, visual or written interview, clearly was concocted with malicious intent."
    "Jay has only been wonderful to me and my family, a great friend throughout all the years I've known him and we had nothing but great success as a team."
    She continues, "Beyonce, his wife, has always been gracious and sweet to me ... I will NOT let any undercover hater create discord and disrespect my name and reputation."
    "This disrespect will NOT be tolerated."
    Oh. and I know people are going to think Jay-z sent them dogs after her and made her release this statement...smh. I believe she released this statement bcos it was NEVER said. These "Sources" will lie and run with anything just for a few coins. TUH!!

Jay-Z Explains Reason for Selling Brooklyn Nets Stake

Jay-Z Explains Reason for Selling Brooklyn Nets Stake

04/19/2013  |  No Comments


    Now that Jay-Z has entered the sports agency game, he can't also be an NBA owner if he wants to represent professional basketball players. In a letter on his website Life and Times, the rapper clarified why he's selling his stake in the Brooklyn Nets. His newly launched sports agency, Roc Nation Sports, signed New York Yankees all-star Robinson Cano as its first client earlier this month. Representing an MLB player isn't against NBA rules, but Jay-Z would be unable to represent an NBA player while being an owner in the league. By selling off his shares, he can court basketball players as clients.
    "Our newest endeavor is committed to building the brands of professional athletes as we have done for some of today's top music artists," Jay-Z wrote. "For Roc Nation Sports to function at its full potential, NBA rules stipulate that I relinquish my ownership in the Brooklyn Nets."
    Jay-Z was the most visible figure in the investment group that brought the Nets from New Jersey to his native Brooklyn, and was active in the marketing and launch of the team this past season. But according to Forbes, his stake in the $530 million team shrank from 1.5 percent to less than one percent, with an estimated value of about $350,000.
    Still, Jay-Z said it wasn't about business, but rather about his love for his borough. "It was never about an investment; it was about the Nets and Brooklyn. My job as an owner is over but as a fan it has just begun," Jay-Z wrote, thanking the team's owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, and others. "A thank you and deepest appreciation goes to the fans. You are the lifeblood of any team."
    Jay-Z's stake already has a taker: Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who lives in Brooklyn, is interested in becoming a Nets minority owner. "I have tried to make as many public and private overtures as I can to let Hova know that I would absolutely be honored to buy those shares," Ohanian said on Bloomberg's "Money Moves," as noted by SB Nation's Nets Daily. He even joked on Reddit that he'd make all the players participate in the site's popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) series.

Jay Z Ft. Common ‘Open Letter’ (Remix)

Jay Z Ft. Common ‘Open Letter’ (Remix)

04/15/2013  |  No Comments


    Common had to jump on the new joint from Jay-Z "Open Letter." Check it out and share your thoughts.